In the main folder we can see these folders and files.


assets/ A public folder where we upload our media files.

install/ A public folder used only for the installation.

lib/ A public folder. Third-party libraries are inside this folder.

log/ A private folder that save logs and the user sessions.

tmp/ A public folder with temporally files created.

src/ The folder of installed packages. Here is all the code of the system.

themes/ The folder of installed themes.

index.html The main index file. For any call, execution starts from here.

config.php The configuration file. It is generated after installation.


The source code of Gila CMS is split into packages, even the core files are part of the main package called core. The package folders are placed inside src/ folder and desirably have a similar structure:


The folders are optional but very useful to organize better the code. The file package.json is a must have as it has the basic information of the package -without it the package is invisible- and the load.php is the file that will register new values and events of the package.

A simple package.json file:

    "name":"Package Name",
    "description":"A short descriptive text of your package for what it does.",
    "author":"Your Name"

You can also add another index in the object called options. It will be an array of objects, the objects are the options to be stored. The index is the option name and it can have optional values with the following indexes:

  • title the option name to be displayed, if not specified, the index is used
  • type select | postcategory
  • options array of {value:display_text}, it is required if is set type:select

You can get the option values like that:

// options are saved using as prefix the package's folder name
// for example if the package has the folder my_package/

$option1 = gila::option("my_package.option1");
$lang = gila::option("my_package.lang","en_US"); // use default value

A simple load.php file could be:

// display text below any post
    echo 'The post has ended';

IMPORTANT: The first line of the file should include only the opening tag, and not use later the closing tag.

For any question/feature proposal/help needed Make a new issue